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iFeel USB Sensor for Alive

iFeel USB Sensor for Alive

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Product Description

iFeel Sensor Benefits

  • Comfortable and Easy to Use Finger / Ear Sensors
  • Higher Accuracy and Fewer Movement Artifacts compared to IOM, Lightstone or emWave sensor
  • Choose the Soft Finger Sensor for maximum movement tolerance
  • Strong, Durable Design
  • USB Connection (no charging required)
  • Android Apps Available (requires an Android device that can connect with USB devices, also known as USB OTG)

Information for Professionals

  • Works with Alive, Alive Clinical and Alive Pioneer
  • 200 samples per second accuracy allows Smoothness / HRV training for people with low heart rate variability
  • Use at the same time as the GP8 Amp to train Smoothness of 2 users simultaneously, or to combine the more comfortable and easy-to-use iFeel Heart Rate with GP8 Amp Skin Conductance, Respiration, Temperature and/or EMG
  • No Software Upgrade Cost for Owners of Alive
  • Display and Review SpO2 in Alive
  • Train Heart Rate, Smoothness and BVP Amplitude (BVP Amplitude training requires Alive Pioneer)
  • Designed for hospital use. CE and ISO Certified, FDA Registered iFeel Sensor


Which version of Alive is for me?

  • Clinician - A hospital grade heart rate sensor combined with the ease and fun of Alive! Choose Alive Clinical for heart rate and smoothness (HRV) training.
    Learn more about Alive Clinical (general Alive Clinical information includes information about other sensors)
  • Advanced Clinician - Choose Alive Pioneer to unlock additional features such as:
    • Additional Pioneer Measurements
    • New Pioneer Environments, which let you train any two feedback measurements at the same time
    • Adaptive Breathing Pacer
    • Unlimited number of graphing screens
    • Microphone Audio Recording Synchronized to Session Data
    • Much More
    • Learn more about Alive Pioneer (general Pioneer information includes information about other sensors)
  • IOM or Lightstone sensors stopped working? emWave broken or showing heart rate errors? - Buy an iFeel USB Heart Rate Sensor to use with your existing copy of Alive.
  • Home user with no professional training - Buy Alive Home with an iFeel Sensor. Learn more about Alive Home (general Alive information includes information about other sensors)
  • Already have Alive - Add an iFeel USB sensor for increased accuracy, comfort and reduced movement artifacts.

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