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Alive Pioneer with GP8 Amp

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Product Description

GP8 Amp benefits

  • Measures BVP/PPG Heart Rate, ECG, Muscle Tension (2 Channels of EMG), Skin Conductance (GSR) and Temperature.
  • Filled with a wide variety of professional games, environments & workshops. Play Dual Drive Racing, Relax with Petals of Light, Train with detailed Customized Graphs.
  • Increased skin conductance and heart rate accuracy for more effective training. People with dry hands or low heart rate variability can train effectively!
  • Professional quality amplifier with highly durable, yet easily replaceable, sensors.
  • Made by J&J, a biofeedback hardware manufacturer who has been designing professional multi-modality systems for over 40 years.

Alive Pioneer Version benefits

    • All Alive Clinical version features.
    • Train Muscle Tension (EMG) and Temperature using all Alive environments and games.
    • Train Smoothness, Skin Conductance and New Pioneer Measurements: Average Heart Rate, Autoranged EMG, Heart Rate Range, Emotional State and more.
    • All measurements can be manually adjusted or automatically ranged. New to muscle tension (EMG) feedback? Just select EMG Auto and start a game!
Pioneer Valley Environment
  • 10 new Pioneer Environments with over 1 hour of new music!
  • Dreamscapes game pack available as an exclusive add-on game for Alive Pioneer.
  • Adaptive Pacer responds to your heart rate changes continuously - never manually adjust a breath pacer again!
  • Unlimited number of graphing screens can be open and recording at the same time. New graphing screens are available for all Pioneer measurements!
  • Proprietary patent pending method for detecting and displaying emotional changes (experimental but very useful for people working with emotions).
  • Enhanced auditory training with optional audio breath pacer and success beep (choose from a variety of audio breath pacers).
  • Record audio using a microphone and review what happened right before a skin sweat spike or large increase in smoothness.


All GP8 Amp packages include:GP8 Amp System

  • GP8 Amp Complete System with:
      • Alive Pioneer for GP8 Amp software
      • GP8 Amp
    GP8 Amp Sensors
    • 6 Leads (for EMG, ECG, SCL)
    • 5 Permanent Electrodes for ECG or EMG
    • 2 Velcro Wrist Bands for wrist-to-wrist ECG
    • 50 Disposable Electrodes for ECG or EMG
    • 1 Temperature Sensor
    • 1 Finger Sensor for BVP Heart Rate