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Mitsar-EEG-202 amplifier

Mitsar-EEG-202 amplifier

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Product Description

Great News!

24 EEG channel system Mitsar-EEG 202 for the price of 201 amp. The price shown includes international and local delivery

Mitsar 202 amp is equipped with 24 EEG and 8 poly channel amplifier with a wide frequency band that starts just from 0 Hz up to 150 Hz. It is a DC amp and allows the recording of slow cortical potentials. 


    Digital electroencephalographic system Mitsar-EEG-202-24 for qEEG investigations:
     24 EEG and 8 POLY channel amplifier box, PC USB cable (5 meters)
    Software package:
    -EEGStudio Acquisition software for EEG recording/display/export
    -EEGStudio Processing and analysis (including QEEG and ICA analysis)
    -WinEEG software for advanced QEEG analysis including ICA decomposition
    Software license

    Operation manual


    Additional Information:

    Applications include resting states EEG recording and analysis

      High-Quality EEG Recording is now easy!

      • Safe Computer interface with no risk of accidental disconnection and losing EEG data.
      • Low noise USB powered amplifier

      Please note Complete set-up includes all support you need to start using your equipment as well as ongoing troubleshooting and software upgrades. Also

      • Hands-on training
      • Masterclasses on clinical cases
      • Brain-Computer interface research and practical application design



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