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New!  Mitsar-EEG-201BT system

New! Mitsar-EEG-201BT system

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Product Description

New product!  

Wireless Mitsar-EEG-201BT system

Significant upgrade of our most popular Mitsar-EEG-201 amplifier is available now. It has new design and great features for your EEG routines.This system is based on  Mitsar- 21 EEG and 4 poly channel EEG amplifier . It is a great diagnostic tool that to fulfil your clinical requirements.

Mitsar-EEG-BT is equipment with  both USB and Wireless interface. Electrodes impedances are measured online.

Built-in battery and Bluetooth module allow to avoid any 50/60 Hz noise on your EEG even in a negative environment. Battery is charged automatically if USB cord is connected.

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Digital 25-channel electroencephalographic system Mitsar-EEG-201M3 for qEEG investigations:

  • 21 EEG and 4 POLY channel amplifier box
  • Amplifier-to-PC USB cable (5 meters)

Software Package:

  • EEGStudio Acquisition software for EEG recording/display/export 
  • EEGStudio Processing and analysis (including QEEG and ICA analysis)
  • WinEEG software for advanced QEEG analysis including ICA decomposition
  • Software license (USB security dongle) 


  • Operation manual 

Additional Information:

Applications include resting states EEG recording and analysis, Event Related potentials (wide range of tasks):

  • Complete set-up
  • Hands-on training
  • Masterclasses on clinical cases
  • Brain Computer interface research and practical application design

High Quality EEG Recording is now easy!

  • Safe Computer interface with no risk of accidental disconnection and loosing EEG data.
  • Low noise USB powered amplifier


w/ FREE Electro Cap System III for QEEG - Surgical Style


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