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Mitsar-EEG-201 Plus Pack with HBI Database

Mitsar-EEG-201 Plus Pack with HBI Database

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Product Description

Third generation of our most popular Mitsar-EEG-201 amplifier is now available for your clinic or lab. It has new design and new features for your EEG routines.

Mitsar-EEG-201M3 has new reference options including common REF and Cz to avoid ear clips installation and impedance measurements controls on the front panel.

Our company can provide turn key solutions for your clinic and research lab.



    Digital 25-channel electroencephalographic system Mitsar-EEG-201M3 for qEEG investigations:

    • 21 EEG and 4 POLY channel amplifier box
    • Amplifier-to-PC USB cable (5 meters)

    Software Package:

    • EEGStudio Acquisition software for EEG recording/display/export 
    • EEGStudio Processing and analysis (including QEEG and ICA analysis)
    • WinEEG software for advanced QEEG analysis including ICA decomposition
    • Software license (USB security dongle) 

       HBI Database:

      • HBI Human Brain Indices Database - Child and Adult Reference Database for spectral analysis, event related potentials (ERPs).


      • Operation manual 


      Additional Information:

      Applications include resting states EEG recording and analysis, Event Related potentials (wide range of tasks):

      • Complete set-up
      • Hands-on training
      • Masterclasses on clinical cases
      • Brain Computer interface research and practical application design

      High Quality EEG Recording is now easy!

      • Safe Computer interface with no risk of accidental disconnection and loosing EEG data.
      • Low noise USB powered amplifier


      w/ FREE Electro Cap System III for QEEG - Surgical Style

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