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Alive Pioneer for emWave & iFeel Sensors by Somatic Vision

Alive Pioneer for emWave & iFeel Sensors by Somatic Vision

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Product Description

ALIVE Pioneer Version

Unlimited graphs and feedback

Alive Pioneer Version benefits:

  • All Alive Clinical version features
  • Train with Smoothness and Skin Conductance and MANY New Pioneer Measurements: Average Heart Rate, BVP Amplitude**, Heart Rate Range, Customized Smoothness Difficulty, Automatic SCL**, Emotional State** and more. All measurements can be manually adjusted or automatically ranged; you can adjust settings precisely or select Autorange and let Pioneer do the work!
  • Many New Pioneer Environments with over 1 hour of new music! Pioneer Environments let you train any two feedbacks (e.g. Smoothness and Skin Conductance) at the same time!
  • Dreamscapes Game Pack available as an exclusive add-on game for Alive Pioneer
  • Adaptive Pacer responds to your heart rate changes continuously - never manually adjust a breath pacer again!
  • Unlimited number of graphing screens can be open and recording at the same time. New graphing screens are available for all Pioneer measurements!
  • Proprietary patent pending method for detecting and displaying emotional changes (experimental but very useful for people working with emotions).
  • Enhanced auditory training with optional audio breath pacer and success beep (choose from a variety of audio breath pacers).
  • Record audio using a microphone and review what happened right before a skin sweat spike or large increase in smoothness.
  • Two user training with 2 IOMs or Lightstones. Graphs display synchronization between two users. Cooperatively train two users together using Dual Drive, graphing screens and Pioneer Environments.

Alternative package options are available for this product. Please contact us for more information.

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