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Particle Editor 3

Particle Editor 3

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Product Description

Particle Editor 3

Leave stress behind in a fascinating world of visual environments

Each of 100 mini-game environments respond to stress levels measured by your heart rate and finger sweat —allowing you to control the audio and visual environment with your mind.

Particle Editor has been proven in clinical settings to be an effective tool for physiotherapists to use with patients of all ages and walks of life. The appeal of the music and visual environments within Particle Editor is universal! Everyone loves the power to have an effect on the world around them.

Globally, programs including Particle Editor have helped people improve their ability to concentrate and more calmly advance toward achieving life goals. These programs have also helped people with health advisories or demanding physical careers reduce strain that is regularly put on their hearts.

Why Particle Editor?

    • Improves performance in school, playing sports and at work.
  • Adults learn to stay relaxed in challenging situations.
  • Kids learn how to relax while playing a video game.
  • Relaxation is beautiful.

    Particle Editor 3 is loaded with features that make it adaptable to many audiences and settings:

      • A new, easy-open Launcher with images showing each environment
      • 33 professional music pieces
      • 100 new and improved environments
      • Easy in-game instructions and relaxation suggestions
      • Highly accurate stress measurements
      • Relaxing music changes volume with your stress levels
      • Line graph and numeric displays quantify your changes
      • Responds to heart rate, heart coherence (HRV), finger sweat and sweat stability

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