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Tropical Heat

Tropical Heat

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Product Description

Jet Ski Racing
with heart rate stress feedback

Take a fun and relaxing race through the tropics with our new, state of the art Jet Ski trick game - Tropical Heat!

To Win:
  • Put yourself in a positive state
  • Smooth your heart rate

Tropical Heat is a major step forward for heart rate feedback games. Multiplayer racing, top notch graphics and animation, and amazing trick combinations keep the game fun and teach you greater inner control of your heart rate and stress levels.

Tropical Heat can be played in hands free relaxing island cruise mode, extreme racing mode, or many other intermediate modes. Tropical Heat has a setting for everyone, and helps you learn to control your stress levels in the perfect way for you, whether that be through a relaxing cruise through beautiful tropical islands, or an extreme race to achieve the Tropical Heat World Record.

Tropical Heat takes you to the island of your dreams!

  • The sparkling sea, beautiful sunsets, lush foliage, splashing dolphins, gliding birds, and warm tropical raindrops on your skin become your world.
  • Set the mood by selecting relaxing, energizing, or tropical music.
  • Be yourself, or be someone else, by customizing your Jet Ski character: Choose a man or a woman and then select your skin color, swimsuit, hair style, sunglasses and the Jet Ski of your choice.


User experiences

“Tropical Heat is very enjoyable even when first learning to smooth your heart rate. When you can stay in the low-stress zone, worlds of tricks and beauty reward you! Tropical Heat is the perfect balance of immediate fun and long-term stress control skill-building.”

“Tropical Heat has new types of feedback – like when the ocean gets calm or violent based on your internal state, and a new power bar you fill by staying calm.”


Not really but...

If you seem to have gotten a tan and notice better skin tone after playing Tropical Heat, you can thank your relaxation response, which floods your periphery with increased blood flow…unless of course you played Tropical Heat while on a sunny beach. In that case, please put the game away and enjoy the tropics! 


Enjoy a Tropical Heat pleasure cruise or surf 20-foot waves

It's your choice:
  • Decide to engage in leisurely delight.
  • Let the stunning sunsets, refreshing tropical rain, and Luau-style nightlife relax you.
  • Choose Auto-Steer mode for even greater relaxation.
  • "Tricks Only" option lets you do fun Jet Ski tricks without having to steer.
— or —
  • Take on the challenge! Get big air off of waves and ramps then dive into the ocean.
  • Perform amazing Jet Ski stunts: pull off a handstand, Superman, roll, or flip in the air!


Tropical Heat

  • Developed on a very popular gaming platform, Tropical Heat has all the latest effects. Tested from start to finish by gamers themselves, you’ll get all the fun game and gorgeous graphics quality you deserve.
  • Tropical Heat is for you: Male or female, young or old! Perfect for seasoned gamers and for those who have never before played a video game (my 3 and 5 year old kids can smooth their heart rate playing Tropical Heat! - Ryan Deluz)
  • Learn breathing and heart rate control as you play, using the breath pacer animations that are integrated into Tropical Heat.
  • Tropical Heat is FILLED with heart rate feedback: speed, rolling fog, sky color, music, sound effects, and more all respond to your stress levels. If you are using Tropical Heat with IOM sensors you can also choose skin conductance feedback mode.
  • The longer you play Tropical Heat, the more fun it becomes. Discover amazing new stunts, tricks and combinations, and rack up in-game achievement medals for special tasks.
  • Tropical Heat Jet Ski blows all other biofeedback games...right out of the water.
    (Sorry, we simply couldn’t resist.)

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