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Product Description

Arcade is a MEGA pack of 25 new feedback games.

Characters change size, music fades, colors darken, time slows and games become harder, all in response to your heart rate smoothness or other measurements.

Arcade works with all versions of Alive, adding a giant variety of full length and casual games into Alive.

Arcade can be used directly with emWave, IOM or Lightstone sensors (without Alive).

  • Train longer and more often with this huge set of fun games.
  • 25 Complete Games.
  • More than one hundred hours of game play.
  • Instead of playing normal games which leave people feeling bad, encourage your family to play Somatic Vision Arcade to improve happiness, relaxation and general well-being.
  • Widely diverse games for young children, adults of all ages, and teens! Fun for the whole family!
  • Easy one-button games, fun casual games, highly complex thinking games, and high energy action games, all in one, with or without Alive!

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